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Wild Alaska Seafood on Deck!
Alaskan King Crab

Alaskan King Crab Dinner

Wild sustainable Alaska seafood is world-renowned and on Alaska Sea Adventures our guests have the pleasure of savoring it at the source. We understand that food is an important component of leisure travel and that regional foods bring a destination to life.

With that in mind, our chef takes pride in preparing the locally caught salmon, crab, halibut, shrimp, caviar, and black cod that we purchase from Southeast Alaska fishermen or catch with our guests while they are onboard.

Our fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen features an open floor plan, and each day our chef creates three fabulous meals plus snacks and hors d’oeuvres. Guests enjoy lingering around the center island and chatting with our chef, watching while She skillfully fillets a salmon, cooks a pot of Dungeness crab, or dices vegetables for a sauce.

Open kitchen with scenic views

Open kitchen with scenic views

We serve select wines with every dinner. Specialty beers from Alaskan Brewing Company are featured as well. Our guests are welcome to bring their own additional wine and or spirits for cocktails.

Our chef crafts her menus daily and according to seasonal availability. Here is a culinary sampler of what our guests enjoy:

  • Wild Alaska Salmon—Alaska is the land of king, coho, and sockeye salmon and our chef has a keen affinity for working with these luscious fish. Whether it is grilled, seared, skewered, sauced, or served naked, we are sure that our Alaska salmon will wow you to your toes!
  • Spot Prawns—Delicious eaten raw or cooked and served in their shells, Alaska spot prawns are a delicacy that we often catch ourselves while cruising through local waterways. Brought on board alive and kicking, these spiny bright red creatures will create the ultimate vacation taste memory!
  • Halibut—Revered for its white flesh and big buttery flakes, halibut is an Alaska specialty that repeatedly impresses our guests. Naturally versatile, our chef prepares this fish in a myriad of ways. Sautéed halibut cheeks smothered in a delectable sauce are a favorite with guests.
  • Salmon Caviar—When the opportunity arises, we catch salmon ourselves and cure the eggs right on the boat to create the ultimate mouth-popping caviar for our guests! A local luxury at its finest!
  • Rockfish—Often caught during charters by guests, rockfish is a firmer textured white-fleshed fish that lends itself to a variety of tasty preparations.


  • Special Requests and Dietary Needs—The guest fills out a dietary questionnaire so that we can meet culinary preferences in the most efficient and gracious manner. We accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and gluten intolerance and stock our kitchen accordingly before we embark.
  • Wine-At dinner each evening, we serve select boutique wines from the Pacific Northwest.
  • We serve Alaskan Brewing Company beers. These award-winning beers, many of them seasonal, have been a local favorite.