Alaska Sea Adventures

Cruise and Charter Schedules

copyright Jim Nahmens

Alaska Sea Adventures specialty is custom charters guided by our more than 50 years experience on these local waters.

We have a few different formats of trips available:

Whole Yacht Custom Charter Reservations

A group or family of up to eight persons can charter the Northern Song for a custom designed charter based on the groups desired interests. See our ‘Alaska Experience’ Charter page.

Cabin Double Occupancy Reservations

Alaska Sea Adventures schedules a few cruises each year that can be reserved by the cabin. These are planned as double occupancy reservations by the cabin. There are four guest cabins on the Northern Song that can be reserved individually on these trips.

Outfitter Charters

Alaska Sea Adventures schedules have charters reserved by external operators or outfitters that have reserved a trip for a workshop, typically wildlife, and nature or landscape photography. The outfitter handles all reservations for their trip and Alaska Sea Adventures can provide contact information for the outfitter to inquire about more the trip and availability.

Research Charters

Alaska Sea Adventures has worked with a number of institutions on a variety of research charters in SE Alaska. Primarily marine mammal related studies are the focus although geology, archaeology and other marine science studies have been undertaken aboard Northern Song. Occasionally cabins are made available for other passengers to join the research trip that provides a rare opportunity to observe a science project up close.