Alaska Sea Adventures

Individual Cabin Cruises & Charter Schedule

Alaska Sea Adventures specializes in custom charters through Southeast Alaska for 50+ years.


2024 Trip Schedule

2025 Trip Schedule

Custom Charter Reservations

Eight to ten people can charter the Northern Song for a custom-designed private charter based on their desired interests. Contact us to discuss your specific interests and we will customize a trip for you!

Individual Cabin Reservations

Alaska Sea Adventures schedules a few cruises each year that can be reserved by the cabin.  Four guest cabins can be reserved individually on these trips.

Outfitter Charters

Alaska Sea Adventures schedules have charters reserved by external operators or outfitters that have reserved a trip for a workshop, typically wildlife and nature or landscape photography. The outfitter handles all reservations for their trip, and Alaska Sea Adventures can provide contact information for the outfitter to inquire about the trip and availability.