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Sake Kasu Black Cod
A Northern Song Signature Dish
for Decades

Sake Kasu Black Cod

Sake Kasu Black Cod with Coconut Basmati Rice (©2021 Chef Therese Gorsich)

If the Northern Song has a signature dish it is without a doubt our Sake Kasu Alaska Black Cod. This snowy white deep cold-water fish, also known as Sablefish or “Butterfish”, is rich in Omega three fatty acids and is renowned for its luxurious velvety texture. This Asian preparation is a favorite of Captain Dennis’s and has indeed become the dish that our guests ask for again and again. Aside from the fish itself, the key ingredient is Sake Kasu, a Japanese pickling agent that’s created during the sake fermentation process.

Alaska Black Cod can be mail ordered from Vital Choice or by calling Coastal Cold Storage in Petersburg at (907) 772-4177. Sake Kasu can be ordered from  Uwajimaya in Seattle or found at Asian Markets.

We are happy to share our favorite recipe here! (For additional recipes from the Northern Song, be sure to check out our recipe page!)

Sake Kasu Black Cod


4 six-ounce pieces of Alaska black cod, leaving skin intact

For the Kasuzuke Marinade:

1/2 cup kasuzuke (sake kasu, a by-product of the sake making process, available in the seafood department of Uwajimaya or Asian markets)

2 Tbsp sake (rice wine)

3 Tbsp mirin

1/4 cup of water

3 Tbsp brown sugar (optional)

2 Tbsp miso (optional)


Prepare Fish

Generously salt fish, place in plastic container, and refrigerate overnight.

Make the Kasuzuke Marinade

Mix kasuzuke, sake, mirin and add water as needed to make a paste. Coat the fish with marinade mixture, cover and refrigerate for 3 additional days (or may be frozen at this point).

Scrape off marinade and broil the fish on both sides until nicely browned. approximately 4-5 minutes each side.

Serves 4

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