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7 Reasons To Travel with Alaska Sea Adventures

By Rick Sammon May 16, 2024

#1 The M/V Northern Song is set up for photographers who are passionate about making awesome wildlife and landscape photographs. You can photograph from the decks and from the skiffs… as well as during the landing. And yes, smartphone photographers can also get great shots during the voyages.

#2 Captain Harley Ethelbah is more than an awesome captain. He is a knowledgeable naturalist who knows the animals and waters like the back of his hand. Here is an interview I did with Harley on my March 2024 trip.

What’s more, Harley is skilled at preparing fresh shrimp and crab legs.

#2a – Yes. The main courses are wonderful… but so are the gourmet desserts!

#3 If you go in the Spring, during the annual herring spawn, you’ll have the best chance of experiencing the magic of bubble net feeding.

#4 The herring spawn not only attracts whales, it also attracts countless bald eagles… also in search of tasty treats.

#5 The wildlife action is usually non-stop on these trips. You may see orcas, too.

#6 Captain Harley knows where the animals hang out, and he gets you into the best position for photographs.

#7 – You’ll come home with not only awesome photographs, but with wonderful memories, as well.

I recorded a KelbyOne class on my March 2024 trip aboard the M/V Northern Song which will be out soon.

Rick Sammon is an award winning photographer, author, work shop leader, and a tireless, prolific and inspirational image-maker. Rick, called by some “The Godfather of Photography,” is one of the most active photographers on the planet.


What an amazing adventure. Experiencing nature up close and personal. What a joy!

Monty and Rachel A.Wheaton, IL

Fantastic crew..Fantastic personalized encounters with Alaska, fantastic food. Thank you!

Mike and Kathy B.Naperville, IL

This has been one of the most varied and spectacular trips of my life! The picturesque scenery exceeded my imagination of what Alaska would be like…snow capped mountain peaks, glaciers, overgrown outcroppings scattered throughout the passageways, With icebergs littering the face of the ocean…truly amazing…Thank you for a wonderful memorable adventure!

Susan B., Cooper City, FL

Huge thanks to the Captain and amazing crew of the Northern Song. An unforgettable and wonderful life memory. We will treasure the experience always. Thanks also to Hal Schmitt for his energy and expert knowledge and for organizing us into a well-oiled machine!

Jim and Pam K.Cape Cod

Wow! Just Wow! What an amazing experience. This boat and crew are amazing. I have friends and had experiences I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you!

Matthew WilksUpstate, NY

Well, after 25 (!) trips, I think that it should be fairly clear that I will continue to come back to see you, the whales, and everything else that Alaska has to offer as long as I am able to draw a breath. Great crew and a terrific set of passengers this year. And SO MANY WHALES—woo-hoo! Thank you so much for allowing me to spend a week in my favorite place on earth!

Barbara H.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful and pristine Northern Song…You put together a delightful group of passengers, an expert crew and made it all work so well. Every day was a delightful adventure and I even learned something now and then…thanks a million for the experience!

Cheryl and Chuck G.

Each day was exceptional-unusual humpback feedings, up close and personal interaction with killer whales and bears! Thank you!

Jan K and Charlie D.

Always great being in Alaska but this trip was memorable and special. Great bubble netting whales, good eagles and great friends and crew. I couldn’t be with a better group, yacht and superb food! Thank you!

Tom M.Moose, Wyoming

This was our second Alaskan trip aboard the M/V Northern Song., and it was even better than the first! We did an unbelievable amount of activities in one week. Some of our favorites were visiting the Hot Springs and kayaking at the glacier. The Hot Springs was one of the prettiest places we’ve ever seen and kayaking at the glacier was a brief view of heaven. A huge thank you!

Angela, Evan and James G.

Southeast Alaska is a frontier filled with majesty and surprise. Experiences “of a lifetime” can’t be repeated too often. Wonderful people to be with, crew to keep us happy and oh so well fed and great memories. Many thanks!

Mary Ann N.Redwood City CA