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Northern Song in Tracy Arm

Northern Song in Tracy Arm

Alaska Sea Adventures appreciates a good relationship with the media and provides numerous newsworthy topics for Alaska and Alaska travel related articles and features. We welcome media representatives to contact us with press inquiries and about possible inclusion on our trips. Suggested topics of interests for stories are as follows:

  • Customized small group cruises & travel
  • Cruise ship alternatives
  • Alaska’s whales & whale watching cruises
  • Nature & wildlife photography
  • Alaska archaeology & native culture
  • Family vacations
  • Alaska marine mammal research
  • Alaska bird watching
  • Petersburg, Alaska

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Alaska Sea Adventures Features

Guests getting nose to nose with a wild Alaskan water fall.

Guests getting nose to nose with a wild Alaskan water fall.

Alaska Sea Adventures is an Alaska-owned yacht charter company that operates the beautiful and very comfortable 80-foot motor yacht Northern Song. Alaska Sea Adventures provides young and old alike with Alaska Inside Passage vacation experiences that are unique, unmatched, and an all-inclusive fabulous value.

We think you’ll find Alaska Sea Adventures is an Alaska treasure you’ll want to uncover – everybody knows they can see Alaska on a big cruise ship, but not many people know they can see Alaska from the private custom 80-foot charter yacht NORTHERN SONG, for an exclusive and all-inclusive Alaska vacation.

Why do discerning travelers from around the world select Alaska Sea Adventures as the Inside Passage yacht charter and custom cruise adventure of choice?

Our typical clientele are those seeking a unique adventure that offers excitement, independence, and exclusivity – trips that are outside of the norm and off the grid! For many, Alaska Sea Adventures is the only way to experience Alaska’s Inside Passage, one of the world’s most beautiful and last remaining temperate rainforest wilderness locations.

Unlike cruise ship trips, Alaska Sea Adventures provides private, exclusive, and very comfortable accommodations on the beautiful 85-foot motor yacht Northern Song, which is perfect for a small group custom charter or a multi-generation family private charter adventure. ASA also offers guests the opportunity to join an adventure on a guided expedition – from fishing to photography – the perfect Alaska vacation!

The NORTHERN SONG cruises to out-of-the-way exciting destinations: fascinating coves, islands, waterfalls, and harbors. ASA guests see and experience a world that most will never, ever see. (In addition, ASA guests don’t have to buy expensive shore excursion add-ons on our trips.)

ASA Offers One-Of-A-Kind Alaska AdventuresASA offers one-of-a-kind Alaska Adventures
ASA is one of the only Alaskan-owned yacht charter companies, and the only Alaska company that offers November/December trips to observe whales in this unique setting as they gather before their Hawaii migration. The highly-prized low winter light is a perfect backdrop for spectacular whale and wildlife photos.

Spring herring extravaganzasASA is also the only Alaska yacht charter company offering rare March/April/May trips to observe the fabulous springtime extravaganza
Witness the beauty as Spring comes to life in Alaska and wildlife wakes up to a feast of herring – whales, eagles, bears and more! (These trips present a unique and once-a-year-only experience for wildlife lovers and photographers!)

whale watching tripsASA is Alaska’s foremost provider of an exclusive selection of whale-watching and photography trips
It’s not a well-known fact that the protected waters of Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage offer some of the very best whale watching found on the planet! Whales come to feed after their long migration and Captain Dennis knows their favorite feeding spots. Whether kayaking amongst the whales or observing the whales’ bubble-net feeding rituals – our guests always have exciting whale stories to share with family and friends.

ASA guests enjoy fresh and fabulous cuisineOur guests enjoy fresh and fabulous cuisine
Everyone knows Alaska has the finest fish in the world. ASA guests enjoy the thrill of catching their fish and then having the fish perfectly prepared and served by the yacht’s onboard chef. (Wait until you try the Sake Kasu grilled black cod, the freshly caught giant spot prawns, or the grilled wild Alaska salmon on alder planks! Secret recipes abound!)

ASA is involved in important wildlife researchASA is involved in important wildlife research
For more than ten years, ASA has been working with institutions such as the University of Alaska, NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and a host of marine mammal academics and researchers to explore and expand the knowledge, understanding, and conservation of Alaska’s flora and fauna.

DocumentariesASA is involved with professional television broadcast networks and production companies that film documentaries
ASA also provides award-winning stock photographers from around the world exclusive opportunities to get one-of-a-kind Alaska nature and wildlife images.

Press Photos

Please contact us for high-resolution versions of any of the photos used on the website for use in your story. We also have an extensive catalog of images that can be used.

Passengers participating in an archaeological research expedition on the Alaska Adventurer.

Passengers participating in an archaeological research expedition on the Alaska Adventurer.

“If I could express the joys of this trip anymore sincerely, I would. It was astounding! I am still speechless.”

Best regards,
Kymberlee B.

Flightseeing adventures are alway a possiblity on our trips!

Flightseeing adventures are alway a possiblity on our trips!

“There was nothing about this trip we did not absolutely enjoy. We saw Alaska at it’s best with a great crew and excellent company. Thanks for a wonderful trip-We’ll be back to terrorize you all!”

Jenny B.
Broome, Australia