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Focus on Whales with Jim Nahmens

Trip A143: 8 days / 7 nights, July 14 – 21, 2023

Trip A144: 8 days / 7 nights, July 14 – 21, 2024


Humpback whale breaching. Photo copyright Jim Nahmens

Frederick Sound, just hours from Petersburg, is humpback whale heaven. Join us as we learn about these giant creatures with unique insights from our guide, whale photographer Jim Nahmens.

Humpback whales congregate here to feed on massive schools of fish and krill. We may see these endangered giants with some luck as they use bubble nets to execute their cooperative feeding attacks. Our guide will introduce you to the world of the humpback whale-it’s life cycle, anatomy, behaviors, migration, feeding strategies, and current research. He will also share the secrets of getting great whale photos.

Although whales are the focus of this trip, we will also hike in vast rainforests, stroll on secluded beaches, and visit spectacular bays, using skiffs and kayaks. We’ll watch for other wildlife, such as killer whales, seals, porpoises, bears, bald eagles, and other birds. And we’ll visit a raucous Steller sea lion haul out and salmon spawning streams. Along the way, our guide will introduce you to Alaska’s natural history, geology, Native culture, flora, and fauna.

Each day is a new adventure with a backdrop of beautiful forested islands and snow-capped peaks. This all-inclusive excursion includes gourmet meals filled with Alaskan seafood, cozy accommodations,  all beverages, select wines with dinner, sea kayaks, skiffs, and the fun-loving company of our guide, which is simply nuts about humpback whales and Alaska.

The cruise departs from the small community of Petersburg, centrally located in Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage. The excursion is limited to 8 guests in 4 private cabins! It’s an adventure of a lifetime, and you can contact us for more details and reservations.


Humpback whales are doing a cooperative lunge feed. Photo copyright Jim Nahmens

We always throw out the crab and shrimp traps to have that shellfish feast to celebrate an eventful day spent in pursuit of humpback whales.

Contact us for more info.


Jim Nahmens
Natural History Guide

Jim Nahmens (Nature’s Spirit Photography) is a wildlife photographer from Northern California whose work focuses on marine mammals, especially humpback whales. He has been coming to Southeast Alaska for fifteen years and had guided trips for Alaska Sea Adventures since 1994. Jim has been involved in humpback whale research projects in Western Australia, Hawaii and Alaska. Jim has a unique blend of observational skills and local knowledge that comes only with years of experience in the field. More on Jim

Happy Whale!

We are participating in a humpback whale online research initiative, Happy Whale, and now have our page featuring the whales spotted on our trips and identified by the scientists at the organization. Please go over and check it out!

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Humpback whale blows in Seymour Canal in spring

“I have lived and worked in over 100 countries. I am a veteran whale watcher in Hawaii and Cape Cod and have enjoyed many group trips. This trip and this group of people is the high point of my travel life. This has been a joy in all respects. Thanks for the dreams fulfilled”.

William S.
Saranac Lake, NY


Copyright Jim Nahmens

“Oh, my God! Trip # 9 with ASA and they just keep getting better and better. And the whales- I think that this week I saw more whales than I have in the past 14 years combined!”

Barbara H.
Miami, FL

copyright Gina Ruddle

Copyright Gina Ruttle

“…being in a kayak with a 60 to humpback whale surfacing and blowing so close to me, was beyond words. These gentle giants blessed us with their presence. And when the junior whale of one pair began frolicking and breaching right in front of us, it made my millennium!!”

Susan & Dick R.
Kauai, HI