Alaska Sea Adventures

Spring Herring Spawn Photography Extravaganza

Beautiful immature bald eagle in flight. Photo © Hal Schmitt

Late April and early May present the last of the Southeast Alaska herring spawns, creating some of the finest bald eagle and humpback whale photography opportunities on the planet.

As the days grow longer and light opportunities are extended, these late season spring herring trips present prime photography opportunities. Guest photographers on the Northern Song can readily capture eagles in flight and the majestic humpback whales bubble-net feeding on the herring, which is a keystone species. As the herring advance to the shallows near shore and become vulnerable to hungry active predators, nature’s extravaganza hits a crescendo.

During the trip our wonderful Chef will work skillfully in our open kitchen to fuel our eager photographers with fabulous baked goods, smorgasbord-style lunches, and Alaska seafood dinners. During the week, we will also dedicate one day to visiting an incredibly scenic glacial fjord and tidewater glacier where our guests have opportunities to photograph fabulous intrinsic characteristics of the deepest bluest icebergs and the expansive calving glacier at the terminus of the fjord.

Mistic scene of humpback whale blows from ‘bubble-net’ group. Photo ©Hal Schmitt

Photographer enjoying rare opportunity to walk among grounded ice bergs for unusual photo captures. Photo © Hal Schmitt