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Nature Photography Trips

Excellent close up and low angle photography from one of the two Northern Song’s Rigid Inflatable Boats.

Cruise protected waters, enjoy varied landscapes and cultures and witness wildlife spectacles.

Highlights of your trip might include journeying through a narrow fjord, encountering a curious humpback whale, or watching brown bears feeding on salmon. Or maybe they include kayaking near an ancient blue glacier, and hiking in moss-cloaked rainforest. Perhaps you’ll delight in exploring the tiny world within a tide pool, watching waterfalls tumble down steep mountains, or visiting a Native village to meet and learn about the people who have lived and created art here for centuries. Whatever most interests you, we want to help you experience and photograph it.

The very stable decks of Northern Song provides plenty of space for photographers.

Enhance your photography skills with the help of our professional photographer guides

Southeast Alaska offers an incredible array of opportunities for photography, but it also presents its challenges. The fading light of sunset, the quick movements of wildlife, and the captivating reflections on water: all require a varied approach from the photographer. That’s why our special photography expeditions are led by a professional nature photographer. Whether you are a relative beginner, or are looking to enhance your skills, you’ll be able to receive instant “on the spot” advice from a professional. Discover how to use light and changing conditions to your best advantage. Learn how to make the most of your equipment and ability. And most importantly, have fun in a dynamic setting! Scenics include; calving glaciers, ice bergs, temperate old growth rain forest, isolated beaches, small boat commercial fishing, spawning-jumping salmon and a myriad of sea birds.

Getting ashore for close up wildlife and landscape photography is a must.

Maximize your experiences in one of the world’s most beautiful and pristine natural places

We want you to come away from your experiences with more than pretty pictures. That is why our guides aren’t just photography experts. They are also highly versed in the the geology, ecology, and natural and cultural histories of Southeast Alaska, and will help to provide context to the stunning scenery around you.

In order to provide you with a customized experience, our guided photography trips are limited to 8 participants. Trips fill quickly so be sure to reserve your space soon!

Our small group guided trips fill quickly so be sure to reserve your space soon!

The spacious Northern Song offers ample room to stage photographic equipment and comfortable areas for photo editing.

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BE8031DR“Great scenery, wonderful crew. A wonderful time to see the Inside Passage… made my Southeastern Alaska trip so memorable.  I only shot 73 gigs of images so I’ll get a bigger hard drive and come back soo!. My thanks to all the crew.”

Ron H.
Lithonia GA

Humpback whales and gulls

Humpback whales and gulls feasting on herring. copyright 2016 Rick Sammon

“With the footage and photos we all gathered on this trip I’m sure Discovery Channel & National Geographic would be proud. …beautiful backdrop, as Alaska always is for those whale photos”Jodi
Canberra, Australia