Alaska Sea Adventures


Bow Riding Pair of Dall Porpoise

Bow Riding Pair of Dall Porpoise

Southeast Alaska with its nutrient rich coastal waterways and dense temperate rain forested islands is a vast wilderness area with super abundant habitat supporting a diversity of wildlife unmatched in North America. Populations of some species such as coastal grizzly (locally known as brown bear), black bear, Stellar sea lion and humpback whales are found here in the greatest concentrations in the world.

As a yacht based wilderness cruise the predominance of wildlife species observed are marine mammals. Some of those commonly observed on our adventures include:

Stellar sea lion
Harbor seal
Dall’s porpoise
Sea otter
Harbor porpoise
Orca/ Killer whale
Humpback whale
Minke whale (infrequent)

Old growth tree lined shorelines and rich habitat provide a haven for an amazingly huge population of Bald eagles with seasonal gatherings of eagles numbering in the thousands. A very large variety of shore birds and sea birds are observed daily in a variety of their natural settings providing virtual non stop sighting pleasures. More information on large variety of birds of the area can be found on our birding page.

xoots--the Tlingit native term for the mighty Alaska brown bear (Ursus arctos)

xoots–the Tlingit native term for the mighty Alaska brown bear (Ursus arctos)

It is always a thrill for everyone on the Northern Song or Alaska Legend when we observe bears foraging along the shoreline for berries and grasses or feasting on the multitudes of salmon in streams. Local island population densities of both the black bear and brown bear are the largest in North America. Although not as commonly seen as the marine mammals and variety of birds on our cruises, some of the terrestrial wildlife dwelling within the forests of the Tongass National Forest are;

Sitka black tailed deer
Timber wolf
River otter
Mountain Goat

Bear Cubs in a tree

Bear Cubs in a tree

“Everything met or exceeded expectations.  We saw and experienced more in 7 days than I thought possible:  Bubble feeding, whales, orcas, waterfalls, 30 story glacier calves, incredible fishing (halibut, rock fish, black bass, salmon) and close up to fishing boats in operation.”

Craig W.
Waltham MA.

A Pack of Stellar Sea Lions on the prowl for herring

A Pack of Stellar Sea Lions on the prowl for herring

“…For me, being in a kayak with a 60 ton  humpback whale surfacing and blowing so close to me, was beyond words.”

Susan & Dick R.
Kauai, HI