Alaska Sea Adventures

Planning Your Trip

Dennis Rogers

Departure Schedules

We will pick you up in Petersburg or Sitka at 1:45 pm for a 2:00 pm departure and return back to port at 2 pm. If you are departing for the San Juan Islands travelers will meet in Bellingham for the same departure and return times.

How Do I Get To Alaska?

Several flights leave Seattle and Anchorage, Alaska daily for Petersburg, Sitka and Juneau. If your cruise starts in one city and ends in another, there is generally no extra charge. Alaska Airlines is the only major airline that flies to all of Southeast Alaska.

What About The Ferry?

The state of Alaska runs the largest marine ferry system in the world in the coastal waters of Alaska. The ferry system runs between all the major cities in Southeast Alaska and connects Washington State to Southeast Alaska.  Travel time from Washington to Juneau is about three days, but ferries only leave once a week from Bellingham WA.

Cabins are available for an additional cost, or you can rough it by camping out in the heated, covered salon. Contact the Alaska Marine Highway System at 800.642.0066 if you are interested in taking the ferry to Southeast. The ferry system is also a relaxing way to travel between towns in Southeast Alaska. The vessels are only in port long enough to unload and load so the “shore time” is very limited unless you layover and catch a later ferry.

Concerns About Traveling By Boat?

The waters of Southeast Alaska and the Inside Passage are surprisingly calm. Large islands protect the passage from the open ocean and rough weather. The area has hundreds of protected bays that offer calm anchorage.

Bear Cubs in a tree

Bear Cubs in a tree

“The trip of a lifetime was delivered as promised. A great crew, a spectacular land. Sea life and seafood so many jumping things, salmon, dolphins, seals and whales. Even whales that danced-only thing missing was dancing bears!”

Carl and Carol
Woolvine, VA