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Getting to Petersburg

Alaska Airline Jet

Alaska Airlines is the major airlines serving Southeast Alaska.. photo copyright 2012 Gina Ruttle

How do we get to Petersburg?

Your adventure begins long before stepping aboard the Northern Song! Assuming all flight connections go well getting to Seattle, you’ll board either Alaska Airlines flight #65 for Ketchikan, Wrangell then Petersburg or you can catch another Alaska Airlines non stop flight to Juneau, then board flight #64 for the 40 minute flight to Petersburg.

If you are not traveling on a tight schedule and would like to see more of the Inside Passage than is possible at the 420 miles per hour cruising speed of Alaska Air’s 737-400, try this. With a little extra planning, it’s possible to end your flight in either Ketchikan or Juneau, or even Sitka, and enjoy the 8 to 12 hour water ride on the Alaska Marine Highway ferry to Petersburg. The state ferries range in size from the 235 foot long ‘fast ferries’ to the mainline ships that are over 400 feet long. The relaxing cruise (on very comfortable ships) navigates through some awesomely beautiful stretches of sheltered inland passages – no doubt you’ll see whales, orca and porpoise.

Alaska State Ferry

The Alaska Ferry System is a great way to explore the towns of Southeast Alaska.

You may also choose to ride the Alaska State ferry from Bellingham, Washington to Petersburg. The ferry cruises the Inside Passage through the scenic waters of British Columbia and lands in Petersburg.

Here’s a tip: Most of our guests arrive in Petersburg via Juneau on Alaska Airlines flight #64. If you are on this flight, make sure that you get a seat on the left side of the jet for fantastic views of the spectacular mainland mountain range with immense ice fields and glaciers – an amazing site from the air! One of our travelers writes: “I had no idea of the beauty I would be seeing from the plane. I’d seen all the brochures and TV specials about Alaska – I just wasn’t prepared for the lush greenery, waterfalls, glaciers and mountains. By the time I reached Petersburg, I was in love with Alaska, and this was even BEFORE the cruise!”

So, whether you have your nose pressed to the window of a jet in awe of the beautiful Alaska below, or standing at the rail of the Alaska ferry consuming the sights and smells of an enchanting Inside Passage strait, your Alaska adventure is already well underway.

Alaska Airlines   800-252-7522
Alaska Marine Highway  800-642-0066
Viking Travel  800-327-2571

Viking Travel is a local travel agency familiar with all travel related reservations to get to Alaska. They are also great with helping with any other Alaska side trips or additions.

Anchored in a protected cove, guests on the Northern Song are treated to another gorgeous sunset with a beautiful reflection on calm waters.

Anchored in a protected cove, guests on the Northern Song are treated to another gorgeous sunset with a beautiful reflection on calm waters.

It is going to be impossible to top this as the most spectacular vacation we have ever had. I am left essentially speechless at the Alaskan beauty and our great adventure. The AA staff members have helped to make this fabulous trip even more enjoyable. Dennis is exceptionally knowledgeable and taught us a lot about Alaskan nature. Emilie is absolutely great. Thanks to everyone!!!

Tim & Erma W.
Houston, Texas